martes, 12 de mayo de 2009

Am chef sa vina vara
Sa beau
Sa fumez
Sa dorm
Sa cald
Sa ma dezbrac
Sa ma dezbraci
Sa ma ud
Sa uit
Sa tin minte
Sa ma pregatesc
Sa las balta
Sa ma plimb
Sa stau singur
Sa stam singuri
Sa scriu
Sa sterg
Sa merg
Sa vin
Sa TOT .

miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2009


Everything started when Edward, the most popular boy, has moved from Spain back to Romania. First was hard, but being a cool guy, better say a macho man, he has accommodated and all the girls fell in love with him. At the beginning of the second semester, Edward decided to help Miriam for an interview about the guys like him for the High School’ days. So all the story began Saturday, when they meet:
-Hello! said Miriam, a bit haughty but in the same time happy to meet him.
-Hello! We should start now so we can finish it fast, because after that I go out with a girl...
-So what was your first tought when you had accepted to ansewer my questions?
-Just waiting to answer.
-Hmm... Now I'll ask you more important things... What is the first thing you notice at a girl?
-The smile.
-How should be the perfect girl for you?
-Be somewhere in the middle: crazy and mature, between hippie-pinkgirl and of course to be nice.
-How much does her physical structure matter?
-Being nice it’s enough,the girls 90-60-90 don't attract me that much.
-Do you want your girlfriend to be your best friend too or, in your opinion, these things are totally different?
-I think friendship is the most important thing, it lets you express yourself or talk openly and , you know, in each relationship there are problems, so you can solve them with friendship and trust.
-How long did the longest relationship of yours last?
-5 months theoretically, 'cause, you know, you fall apart, next you put up with her, ahh… sweet and hot placation…
-Do you think the reason you two have broken up was her or it was your fault, too?
-I was an asshole, a big asshole, I didn't deserve her, but she was too perfectionist and she used to get all small detalis.
-What is the thing who can disturb a lot of a girls?
- Bossy, stupidity and the hipocrisy.
-Do you think the age is important in a relationship?
-Not much, it is important the mental age, not the age itself. Love dosen't take account of age.
-Do you have a girlfriend at the moment? If you don't, why?
-No, I don't have one, because I don't want a serious relationship for now.
-Have you ever been hurted in a relationship?
-Too many times, but time makes everything pass.
-There are some days when you feel alone even if you have pepole around you?
-There are months, seasons.
-What are you going to do after we finish the interview?
-To listen music and to make sure I haven't lied.
-Were your answers honest?
-100%... depp from my heart.
-Do you have days or situations when you think of giving other answers just because other people may know who you really are?
-I think my answers are the most normal and most sincere and I don't think anyone could say that they don't characterize me.
All the time she interviewed him, she couldn't stop smiling, thinking about the fact that they’ve met. In the end, they have gone out to drink a juice and to speak about them, so they became friends. Because of Edward’s behavior, Miriam thought that he wants them to be together. But, at the school, she heard Edward telling to a friend of him that he has a girlfriend. Disappointed, she avoided him a long time, until she decided that the best way of solving this would be to ask for an explanation and talk honestly and openly with him. Then, Edward confessed her that everything was just about making her jealous and having a reson to invite her out. Miriam accepted happy the invitation and kissed him.